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How to adjust the laser optical path
In the process of laser cutting machine used, often require the user of the laser focal length and optical path adjustment, this work requires technical and practical experience, without experience in the premise that we do not recommend easy to operate, easy to cause personal injury or machine damage. The following engraving machine portal describes the specific methods and steps of laser cutting machine light path adjustment:
1, check whether the laser can play on the first reflective lenses. (Method using a plastic sheet shields the first mirror, press the TEST button to see the laser light dot position) If the laser can not play on the first lens is a first lens position adjustment.
2, check whether the laser hit the second and third lens reflex, if not, adjust it on a mirror M1 after, M2, M3 screws.
3, the laser light at the mouth of the tube, at least two layers of double-sided adhesive stickers, laser head moves to the upper right corner of the table by the control panel TEST key, hit a laser spot.
4, the laser head moves to the upper left corner of resort to a laser point, to observe whether the top-right corner by playing in the same location, not in the same position as the second mirror adjustment M1, M2, M3 screws. They hit the spot with the top right point at the same location.
5, the laser head moves to the lower left corner, to observe whether the RBI and the upper right corner in the same position, adjust the second reflective lenses.
6, as described above d, e said repeatedly adjust the laser spot by playing the final three points to play in the same position.
7. Check whether the focus in the center: at the bottom of the vertical focusing mirror to put a mirror close to the side of the lens barrel set at the barrel (ie, hand-held) a transparent plastic sheet press TEST key beat the laser, the laser spot to see if playing in Focus Lens center of. Plastic hand piece is carefully laser burns, do not put hands in the vertical plane of the lens range.

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