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Cutting Plotter installation method
If you are a first time cutting plotter, follow these steps:
1 with the supplied power cable connection plotter and a power outlet.
(2) using the supplied communication cable connection and computer cutting plotter.
3 Turn on the power.
4 Load the knife or pen knife engraved inside.
5 Place the media.
6 Set parameters (the coordinate origin, knife or pen speed, knife or pen pressure, etc.).
7 trial engraved.
8 computers to transmit data, start lettering or drawing.
Connecting the power cable
The machine used is AC 220V. 50Hz, connect the power:
   First make sure the power switch is in the off position plotter, then plug the power cord into the plotter's power outlet and the other end is connected to the power outlet.
   Does not work, first turn off the power, and then unplug the power cord from the outlet, should not plug or unplug the power plug.
   Plug the power plug, the force can not be too fierce, so as not to damage the connectors.
   Cutting plotter is turned off, start the machine again interval of not less than 30 seconds.
Join serial, parallel cable
    Ensure cutting plotter power supply, computer power supply is disconnected.
    One end of the parallel cable (pin-shaped plug) connected to the computer's parallel outlet and plug locking screw manually carried on, locking the plug in the socket; another end coupled to the cutting plotter parallel outlet and use a parallel outlet deduction will be on the wire plugs and sockets firmly fastened.
    One end of the serial cable (pinhole plug) connected to the computer serial socket, the other end connected to a serial plotter outlet and plug locking screw manually carried on, both ends of the cable plugs are locked in the socket on.
Serial, parallel cables choose one, you can work properly.
Loaded pen
     Mounted on the turret engraved pen nib height should be within the range 27.5-28 mm, if the tip is too long or too short, graphics quality is not guaranteed. To do this, you use the shipped pen.

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