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Proper handling advertising CNC engraving machine/
1, the knife, the use gasoline or WD40 cleaning agent chuck and pressure cap.
2, to chuck into the pressure cap, otherwise the tool is easy to install, if Chuck is not caught in the pressure inside the cap, unloading knife chuck is clamped on the motor shaft can not be unloaded.
3, advertising engraving machine before clamping chuck with the selected tool should pay attention to whether the match, otherwise the tool will not fit tight.
4, the clamping tool, the tool chuck projecting part not too long, or in the process is prone to vibrations, affects the processing quality of the workpiece surface.
5, advertising engraving machine tool must ensure that the spindle speed is zero, ie the spindle stopped state before allowing removal tool, or prone to serious personal injury.
6, if the presser foot sculpture, must be the presser foot with a vacuum cleaner and clean the dust on the spindle, and then clamp the tool.
7, in the pressure cap screwed up in the process, be sure to press the cap on the positive rotor thread, first hand in the case effortlessly screwed into place.
8, advertising engraving machine unloading knife, use your gun cleaning pressure cap and rotor shaft litter after unloading knives.

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