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Using laser engraving machine precautions
Laser engraving machine to major security, safety precautions?

1 machine laser and high-pressure part of the non-professionals not disassemble the machine.

Mirror and focusing mirror use a professional camera lens paper or medical cotton swab dipped in alcohol and ether mixture wipe (ether and alcohol mixing ratio 1:3) should generally be at least once a week. All parts of the machine and the user's computer machine operating process, the non-operator to leave, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

The engraving must open the fan, so as not to contaminate the lens and the focusing mirror. Equipment near non-place inflammable and explosive materials, to prevent the occurrence of fire.

(4) after each reboot, you must check whether the submersible pump water, non-pump no water power on the Prohibition of the boot, the operating voltage is unstable regulator is recommended.

Non ungrounded, boot the machine work. Laser power supply must be connected to the earth ground shall be connected to the doors and windows, plumbing and other facilities. It should be pulled to ground outside on the earth.

6 in the device is prohibited to place any irrelevant total reflection or diffuse objects, to prevent the laser direct reflection to the human body or any flammable substances.

If the machine fails or fire off the power immediately.

8. Untrained persons prohibited.

Shall not hand sliding car or beams. In which the machine no pollution to the environment, no strong electrical and magnetic interference and influence.

The ground must be completely reliable, in order to prevent damage to the equipment and electrostatic wounding.

Let the water must be within the laser tube 11. Winter to avoid cracking the laser tube.

12 using the keys to force uniform, prohibition of forced hit, to prevent damage to the buttons.

13 Do not switch the thunder and lightning.

14 water containers should be large to ensure that recycled water at 20 kilograms. The water temperature is about 25 degrees. The water temperature is too high when to replace the circulating water. Circulating water is best to use pure water, to ensure that the water is clean and free of debris. Regular replacement of circulating water (three days).

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