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How to choice laser engraving machine
First of all, to consider their own use.
laser engraving machine/laser cutting machine configuration and function, but not necessarily in line with their actual needs, but not necessarily in terms of machine performance and maintenance services affordable. Never went into to buy "versatile" laser misunderstanding. Such as specialized laser engraving rubber board now appears, in fact, most of the laser engraving machine can be used to carving rubber plate, there is no need to select those numerous fast machine. Rubber board for carton printing, fast carving the depth will not be able to meet the printing needs. Recommended: buy laser engraving machine for engraving rubber board, cheap, fast return of investment.
       If used to carving crafts, it is recommended to choose according to the requirements of:
Carved bamboo, wood, trinkets: Select small machines, such as 300X500 format, cheap and high accuracy.
       Carved wooden boxes, wine boxes: elect 600 * 400,900 * 600 size machine, and have a lifting platform, or a long wooden box will not fit into.
Carved bamboo tea canister, large woodcut: Select 500X700, 600x900 size machine, and have a lifting platform, and is equipped with a rotary engraving device.
       Clothing, leather engraving and cutting: the select cutting speed, cell cutting the platforms laser engraving machine.

       Second, to consider the quality of products, mainly from machine configuration to consider.

Stepper motor: related to the precision of laser engraving machine engraving.

2 .laser lens: relationship to the size of the laser engraving machine power points imported lenses, domestic lens, the domestic lens inside was divided into production with imported materials and two domestic material production, the price gap, the use of performance and service life gap. use imported materials production made lenses.
The laser tube: This is the heart of the laser engraving machine. Imported laser tube is expensive, typically in the thousands of dollars, so most of the domestic laser engraving machine using domestic laser tube. Made laser tube is also good and the bad, the price gap. Good laser tube life of about 3000 hours.
4. Mechanical assembly quality: some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of thin tin production machine casing, users generally do not see, but over time, the rack will deform and affect the accuracy of laser engraving machine engraving. good laser engraving machine should frame structure, the use of high-quality steel welded together, to make and use high-quality cold-rolled steel chassis. The users buy machine when to see whether the use of the thickness of the frame structure and chassis tin strength will be able to find the quality is good or bad.
       Finally, manufacturers depend on the strength and business philosophy. Good aftermarket will let you eliminate worry. Laser engraving machine laser tube, reflective lenses are consumables, a certain service life and need to be replaced after maturity. The need for manufacturers to provide strong after-sales service to ensure timely delivery of these supplies. Do not covet a moment of cheap machines in need of repair or replacement of consumables, etc., can not find the manufacturer and do not know what type of supplies is required.

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