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Shoe pattern cutting plotter (DE0906)

Shoe pattern cutting plotter (DE0906)

 DE series high speed cutting machine is specially developed for the shoe pattern industry, it has a very high market share and could meet the requirement for common cutting accuracy. It employs import synchronous belt for power driving, and it can easily meet the requirement for drawing and cutting of the shoe pattern. It is greatly welcomed by customers and widely applied for high accuracy cutting or plotting for shoes by its many merits such as work under high speed, convenient to use, compatible with any CAD software. According to the special require, we offer DE0906 and DE0906N for customers to select. DE0906 shoes pattern cutting plotter apply vacuum to hold cutting sheet while DE0906N shoes pattern cutting plotter apply glue mat to hold cutting sheet.
Effective cutting range
Way of fixing paper way
Double-side glue
Vacuum absorbing
Driving material
Import synchronous belt
Cut materials
Red hard paper、plastic board、white board、kraft paper
Pen, special knife
Cutting thickness
Cutting precision
Cutting way
Drawing by pen、half cutting、whole cutting
Max speed
Working time and character
Continuous work, operating computer and cutting at the same time, linear high-speed transmission for data.
Transmitting port
International standards: parallel port/RSC232 serial port
Capacity of buffer area
Buffer area of large capacity, it can finish high-speed transmission for data at a time
Instruction set
International standards: HPGL or DXF form can be selected selected, It is compatible with all kinds of CAD software
Occupy dimension(L*W*H)

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